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I solemly swear I am up to no good
So I'm taking a break from watching "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (2011) so I thought I'd taken some tine to jot down a few notes. Not only here but in this lovely blue small journal with a Rudyard Kipling quote on it (along with a whale or two ((or one-and-a-half!) one of which is wearing a gold crown) And no I've never read kipling before but I liked it so I got it.

I got it a little while back mom let me spend $15 of her own money and get what I wanted within that limit at T.J. Maxx. The small little journal was one of them. I also got a lovely little box (which may have been a part of a stationary set at one point) with a Paris theme on it. Eiffel Towers, the words "Paris" and "France" and blue butterflies and (French?) stamps, white flowers and the Arc all over it, decorated in a lovely blue though the main background was off-white or ivory. It's quite lovely. I already had a nice jewelery box but I had to have the "Paris" box as I call it. (it goes nicely with the black and white picture I have of the Eiffel Tower I have in my room, which I amazingly found at Walmart a while back)

On the way out I snagged a bag of raw almonds to round out the $15 (I've been a bit of an almond nut lately, pun SO not intended!)

Anyway I use the journal for random things but nothing too personal it's more like....a series of lists of things that I like (and know will never change). Kind of like a hard bound version of any of my online journals, ha but not totally. I try not to write in it about day to day things just things I want to keep up with should I lose them online. Oh I really should invest in a flash drive sooner or later (I've been eyeing one of those ones with an Angry Bird on it , ha (I love the black bomb one heh, I have it a small stuffed toy as well. I couldn't resist. I call him Sirius oddly enough.

Speaking of "Sirius" My oldest brother had a huge black dog that look almost exactly how I imagine Sirius Black to be an Animagus (Sp?) in Harry Potter, ha.
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And all of a sudden I got a sudden and huge craving For Hunger Games/SG-1 crossover fanfic....

Where Panem is NOT on Earth or in the future but on a planet our favorite team gates to (every member of SG-1 ever please...minus Jonas, of course, better yet haha put Jonas in the Games!)

I'd so totally read the everlovin' crap outta that!! and beg for sequels!!!!!! No mesh fics please!

PS. President Snow or President Coin (one or both!) as a Snake please!!!!

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Sites I recommend

A few of my favorite sites that I like well enough to share with you all


Yahoo! Shine (the site is not very good altogether but from time to time it does the occasional must read story)

The Mary Sue (a geek site geared towards the female gender, even though both sexes love it)

and their tumblr

io9.com (An awesome science fiction blog. I don't visit this site as often as I'd like but I do check constantly for any new Hunger games stories there)

vampires.com (for fans of any type of vampires everywhere)


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So I bought a copy of Susan Hill's book "The Woman in Black) (dying to see the movie BTW) and I came across a spoiler online abut how the book (I don't know about the movie) ends. I am kicking myself (or I would be in my knees were somehow double-jointed.

Not spoiling it for you lovely folks. Now I'm getting ready for "The Talk" Daniel Radcliffe (aka Arthur Kipps) is going to be on! As he was on Jay Leno earlier this week.

I have to wait for Tuesday though. I can't wait! I'll try not to read any further in the book (beyond the first 3 or 4 pages I've already read) as not to spoil myself even further.

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I had an appointment out of town this morning and me and Mom had decided to make a day of it. We weren't sure if she would be off today or not until later on in the day so we had to rather quick-ish just in case.

So we went to the mall, books-a-million and the Cracker Barrel. Man! I should do this more often through the week. I didn't feel as rushed or crowded at all!

So my purchases are (I've been saving money off and on for a while)

When at the mall I raided both Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret and got the following neat stuff!


3 travel-sized lotions (one of which was free thanks to a coupon) in Be Enchanted, Paris Amour, and Carried Away

-1 small bottle of fragrance mist in Paris Amour
-2 small handbacs in Sweet Pea and I Love Shopping (that's Peach, weird name I know) (all that for less than $12! It was all on sale PLUS I had a coupon for an additional 20% off, hah!)


5 pairs of underwear (because I needed some new pairs and VS high-cut briefs are just awesome

(If you think I'm gonna name colors you're NUTS, hee)

And lately before the trip to CB was BAM! where I got the must-have books on my list

-The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (I've never read t before and I decided to tackle it)
-Death comes to Pemberley by P.D. James (although what little I've heard about Mary in this book has me fuming Yet another author, fanfic or professional gets her wrong (IMO)) It take a person like Mary herself to recognize what type of person she is. Yes I know she's a fictional character! But I'm VERY protective of her!


Jane Eyre I almost got a fancy-covered edition for $16 but common sense won out and I got a version which was half the price. Hell I haven't even truly tried to read Wuthering Heights (different Bronte I know) but I've seen the recent movie version and I know how it ends and THAT disappointed me) But even so I'm willing to give JE a try regardless (at some point in time, not now. Hobbit first!)
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Note to self: If I want to finish writing my LotR TTT AU fic I must finish watching TTT sometime tomorrow (hopefully before Once Upon A Time comes on)
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I'm become a nail polish fiend lately. I'm slightly ashamed to say. Since Christmas I have bought:

Essie nail polish in "Power Clutch" (a darkish-gray with a tinge of green)

- bottle of Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro in Rags to Riches (because it looks like Chanel's Peridot, which I can neither find nor afford)

-1- 5-pack of Hard candy polishes (2 glitters and 2 polishes with glitter in them)
-Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Black Heart
Wet n' Wild fast dry in Ebony hates Chris (the fast dry collection color names crack me up as all of them that I know of mimics a tv show name)

I'll have you know that I bought 2 black nail polishes today! 2 different kinds! (as named above)

Why? I'm trying to find a really good dupe for Chanel's Black Satin. A color I've never even seen in person Argh!

That's even counting the small collection of polishes I had prior to December (I don't buy polish that often and when I do it's usually some shade of pink

But lately I've felt bold enough to buy darker colors. I'm thinking of buying Essie's Carry On next week (and another bottle of Lady Like, as that color is a pinky-lavender and it's awesome and also an LE and I'm grateful that my local CVS still has some of the Fall 2011 collection in stock!

Gah when did I get to be so damn girly? (not that's it's a bad thing)
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Since I can't seem to access my oldphoenix_arwen rp journal (meaning I can't remember the password or email) It just SUCKS because I'm gonna have to movie everything to an account I can remember the email/password to *sighs*
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Is it absolutely mental of me that I don't remember writing any of this? But now that I read it more closely I remember bits and pieces of it.


Damn why didn't I finish it? That's why I didn't believe I wrote it at first. It's damn good!

And get this....it's not even fanfiction! It's original!

The proof that I needed to convince myself I wrote it.


and I'm an idiot who totally blacked out the memory of an RP journal FILLED with stuff just like that Oh MAN And yes ALL ORIGINAL based off of not fictional series , movie or program what so ever. Just my imagination!

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This cracks me up every time! I had this link in one my old LJ's years ago (2004) and I'd though I'd share with you guys!


Current Mood: silly silly
Current Music: Imperial March

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I got loads of neat stuff for Christmas!

-A set of stuff from Bath & Body Works (my favorite store in the mall) in Sweet Pea
-A $50 check from my Aunt and Uncle (who also gave me the B&BW stuff)
(In which I used to buy neat little things from the Beauty department
((--Which includes: elastic hair bands, a Disney Princess lip balm set, Don't judge me because it was cheap! a set of mini-nail polishes by Hard Candy. A lip balm by Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me, 4 bottles of Diet, Dr. Enuf. And I still have $30 left of that. I'm thinking about going out later to check out which Essie nail polishes Walgreens and CVS have, because Walmart doesn carry the limited editions, Grrr,

-2 pairs of Brand new flannel-y pajama pants ...that actually FIT, Yay! (and with two long-sleeved mens shirt to match them

A cute pair of red house socks with a Santa-ish white trim

-A mini-speaker for my iPod so I don't have to use my earbuds to listen to my music

-New Cell Phone!

-A Liz Claiborne Universal Cell Phone case/wallet that my phone fits pretty well.

- A 24-inch Dynex TV/DVD player (thank YOU Uncle Bobby for talking mom out of the 19-inch I originally wanted. I can't watch the satellite on it yet, but I hope we'll figure it out soon. In the meantime-----Yay Movie-marathon, Next Up Pride & Prejudice (2005)

-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 DVD!

--An awesome picture from Uncle Bobby (even though he doesn't consider it a Christmas present. That's okay, I Do!

-I can't remember anything else at this point, I'm sure I'm missing something though.

So what did you guys get for Christmas? Something that you really wanted, I hope.
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Dear livejournal,

I love you and for Christmas I got a paid journal for yet another year. But your new comment system blows! It's sucks huge amount of donkey d*ck! Change it back.


No love,


ETA 1-5-2012:

Now that you're behaving now (meaning the HTML isn't screwy) LJ I've decided I like the commenting system. It's a lot like the old one with very few and minor differences.
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The TV I'm getting for Christmas! WooHoo!

Ugh! I want it NOW! Don't wanna wait for Christmas Eve!

Wanna watch the Grinch (toon) and the Wizard of Oz on it, like, NOW, hah.
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Dear Amazon.com and my local post office.

Where the FUCK is my book?! I ordered (and shipped on the same day) it over a week-and-fucking-half ago (Nov 4)! I was supposed to received it on the 9th but did it come? No!

It came to town (at last) on this past Saturday. It is now Tuesday. Have I received it ? No!

I can't fucking take it anymore I'm going to the post office tomorrow morning the pick up the damned this. If you freaks at the post office can't find it. You owe me a damned book!

No love at all,
Me aka Bijjy


Thank you for letting my rant my dear LJ friends. I love ya!
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First our phone line is acting crappy (which means no Internet, I'm posting via wifi @ McDonalds now)

And my package from amazon still hasn't shown up ( I know for a fact it arrived in town late Saturday morning)

I'm tired of waiting, i should have gotten it this past Wendsday! I was positive I would have gotten it today but the mail came and went with no book in sight! Now I've got nothing to do at all!

The only piece of good news is that my hearing aid came in today and I'll be going after it in the morning.

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