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Bloody Lovely indeed

The one thing I hate about the "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" audiobook (it's of the deluxe version. Is that the narrator is constantly shortening sentences or leaving them out altogether ! And it's supposed to be the unabridged version. That is why I've never finished listening to it. I wanted to hear my favorite bits or favorite lines only to have them disappear or cut short it just pisses med off but at least I get to hear Seth(?) narrate his "Preface to the Deluxe Edition"

Also in the movie-cover edition of PPZ theres the illustrations from the deluxe version but sadly in black and white only.

In the Appendix there's the Afterword, the "Reader's Discussion Guide" and the newly added (I think) "Why England?: A Sermon by Rev. Richard Manville" on why was England the only country in the world that was covered in Unmentionables. And if you were lucky enough to find it at Walmart you'd get a free mini-poster within the book as well.

I've loved this book ever since it was released and I have a decent collection of PPZ things. an 2011 calender, the graphic novel, the original edition of PPZ, the prequel and the sequel (which don't quite mesh with the canon from the original book, but mesh well with each other) and the Deluxe heirloom edition and the ebooks for all 4 (but not the graphic novel) and the audiobook as I've mentioned before. There's probably with bigger collections but I'm proud of mine.
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